I’m pleased to announce that 3rd Coast Imaging has officially merged with Aloha Print Group. The circumstances over the past year, especially with the continued delays in getting our production space back in working condition, have proved too challenging to overcome.

I was born and raised in and around Chicago. Other than my time as a Marine, I have always lived and worked here. While I had other opportunities, I chose to build 3rd Coast Imaging here in downtown Chicago. We are a resourceful city with people that produce a tremendous amount of business and support services. Our reach into society is vast and beneficial to everyone. Unfortunately, 3rd Coast Imaging was not able to sustain the long-term effect of this crisis.

Over the past year, Aloha Print Group has helped take care of your projects, and I trust they will continue to do so. I have a long relationship with the company and the owners, and I wouldn’t have made this choice without keeping the needs of my loyal and supportive customers at the forefront of my decision.

Please trust that Aloha Print Group will strive to serve you as 3rd Coast Imaging would have – professionally and with a desire to Print to Impress.

If you have any questions about your printing needs or would like to submit an order, send an email to orders@alohaprintgroup.com or call 312.542.1300.

To contact me directly about anything else, call 312.394.0409 or email gchrisopulos@3rdcoastimaging.com.

George Chrisopulos

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