Opacity settings on digital images may not be 3rd Coast Imaging’s typical area of focus when it comes to editing images in Photoshop. However, once in a while, it’s exactly what the job calls for.

When our client, restauranteur Amy Morton, asked us to modify original artwork to give it an old and weathered look that would match the vintage aesthetic of her new Aurora restaurant, Stolp Island Social, opacity was the first setting we leveraged to get the look and feel we wanted.

Using Adobe Illustrator and its Transparency panel gave us the opportunity to play around with many different styles and effects. Ultimately, by blending two different effects – using the multiply effect at 70% opacity to create a distorted and faded look, while also applying a screen effect at 50% to enhance the worn and aged edges around the border of the logo – we were able to create the perfect piece! The two effects placed on top of each other changed the visibility of the original image from clear and clean to a more salvaged and vintage end result.

Our client was thrilled to see the changes and how well this piece fit in with the decor of her new restaurant!