New Service: Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery)

Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) is the process of collecting, reviewing, and producing electronically stored information (ESI) via the litigation discovery process.  ESI refers to any information held in a digital format, such as: E-mail messages Spreadsheets Documents Presentations Text messages Instant messages Social media Organizations may wonder whether or not it makes sense [...]

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Raster vs Vector Graphics

Raster vs vector: you’ve probably heard both terms, so what’s the big difference? Raster graphics are made up of pixels, and vector graphics are composed of fewer points connected by lines. Raster graphics contain individual pixels, each being a solitary dot that is assigned a place and mix of colors. These [...]

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What is a Digital Press?

A digital press is a machine that allows a commercial printer like 3rd Coast Imaging to print directly from a digital file to a variety of mediums. When compared with a traditional press, going digital has quite a few advantages. To begin with, a digital press is often less expensive [...]

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A Guide to Paper Weights

There are so many different paper weights and classifications of paper weights that even printers can get confused. Below you will find the comparisons between different papers. Not all of the papers exist in the weights. They are shown for comparison purposes only. The most commonly available papers are bolded [...]

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Business Envelope Sizes

What size is a #10 envelope? What size is a #9 reply envelope? What size enclosure can I put in a #10 envelope? At 3rd Coast Imaging, we get questions about envelope sizes all the time. Our printing services include envelopes and letterhead, event invitations, and other projects that require [...]

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What is Dry Mounting?

We’ve received several inquiries about this process, so we decided to share more on what dry mounting is and how it could be advantageous for your next printing project. Dry Mounting is the process of sticking artwork or a print to a smooth, flat, sturdy surface for presentation. This is [...]

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